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Over the past 21 years, Jason Okuma has been passionately empowering entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals to successfully grow their businesses and mindsets.

Jason helps people to think a new thought and get a new idea which will transform their life and business.

Having a background and experience in numerous industries has allowed him to adapt and sharpen his expertise and specialization with business development, marketing and personal development consulting in very effective ways that get the achievers he works with positive results.

As a marketing and PR expert, Jason Okuma specializes in effectively utilizing the power of Social Media Marketing to build and grow businesses and has been engaging with consumers and businesses through Social Media since 2005.  Jason understands first hand the struggles and challenges business owners face to retain existing customers and reach new customers, and has discovered practical ways to use Social Media Marketing to develop customer loyalty, attract new business and generate increased sales.

Being a student of past and present multi-millionaires and billionaires and one who studies the patterns of their success, Jason is passionate about teaching and sharing what he has learned along his journey in life and business.  As a highly sought after entrepreneur educator and mentor, Jason is commited to sharing his business and success teachings and resources to help as many lives as possible.

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